What Would Your Life Be Like As A Master Communicator with Brenden Kumarasamy

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Today on the show we have Brenden Kumarasamy. Brenden is the founder of Master Talk, an engaging YouTube channel teaching people how to be better communicators both on stage and in all areas of their lives. He is also a coach to many of the greatest thought leaders in technology and business right now with some of the biggest ideas. He is helping them formulate their talks, ideas, and communication.

In this episode. I get to ask my questions that I would have paid a lot of money for answers to and get really cool insights into my own business. I hope that you get the same eye-opening insights from the answers to these questions and from some of the reflections that Brenden has during all of this. This is an action-packed episode for those who appreciate the art of communication executed at an Olympic level.

We discuss:

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