Inside You'll Learn:

How to build a content marketing team - Don't go it alone! A team will help you create amazing content without having to spend all day writing.

How to capture your authentic voice and story - You'll learn simple systems to guide your writers so they make content that's true to your brand.

Take action with templates - Implement your content marketing campaign quickly with free, easy-to-use templates designed to help you take action with the core concepts in the book. 

Avoid common pitfalls with content marketing - Most content marketing campaigns fail because of burnout, or from common mistakes and misconceptions about what's truly important.

Tailor your content marketing campaign to your budget and needs - Learn how to scale your team to get the best results whether you're a small persona brand or a 7-figure startup.

Who should read The Story Engine?

Startup Founders

Content marketing is one of the most powerful and afforable ways to promote your startup.

Coaches and Consultants

Content marketing can build your authority, attract new customers, and differentiate you from the competiton.

Content Managers

Learn techniques and strategies to increase your output and results with your content marketing.

Content Marketing Beginners

Learn a comprehensive and effective approch to content marketng and avoid the common pitfalls that cause many campaigns to fail.

Hi, I'm Kyle

I have helped dozens of startups and small businesses succeed in content marketing. I write content that educates entrepreneurs on how to grow their businesses with content marketing, manage remote teams and scale up their businesses. 

I got my start as the content manager for WP Curve. I helped grow the blog from a single contributor, to a multi-person team of guest writers with documented systems and strategies. Between writing great content and growing our writing team I built lead magnets, paid ad campaigns, email sequences, and landing pages to help convert visitors into customers. I helped the startup grow to nearly 1 million in annual recurring revenue.

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