SEP Episode #76: Tell Me More: How to Craft a Powerful PR Narrative with Jarie Bolander

This week’s guest, Jarie Bolander uses Story Grid frameworks to teach business owners how to craft a powerful PR narrative that has customers and clients saying, “Tell me more.”

This electrical engineer describes his journey from founder of a digital health startup to the surprising turn of running a PR and marketing firm focused on developing stand out messaging. Discover how to create a story with a beginning, middle and end so that you can take your customer’s on a journey with your products and services.


SEP Episode #75: How to Avoid Being A Sleazy Sales person

You don’t have to become a sleazy salesman in order to become a successful entrepreneur. Discover how to show up authentically for your audience and present your offers in a way that’s in line with your values. In this episode, I provide 3 easy strategies for connecting with your audience and increasing sales in the process.


SEP Episode #74: 2019 In Review

Wins, failures and what’s ahead for the Story Engine all get covered in this Year in Review podcast episode. Discover what episodes were YOUR top favorites, listen to clips from my favorite guests and learn from my biggest flop of 2019.


SEP Episode #73: How to Deliver a Ted Talk with Confidence with Dr. Joan Rosenberg

What does it take to deliver a powerful Ted Talk? Confidence. But how do you gain confidence? Dr. Joan Rosenberg, author of 90 seconds to a Life You Love, has a theory – and it centers around 8 different feelings that need your attention. In today’s episode, discover how to gain confidence, deliver a memorable Ted Talk and impart a message of impact.


SEP Episode #72: A Love Letter To Writing

There’s one place where you convey your truest feelings and hold nothing back – in a love letter. Today’s episode has me being my most vulnerable as I read out loud a love letter I wrote recently to…writing. This is an exercise that I’ve done recently. I use it to help sharpen the focus of living aligned with my passions and the things that give me a sense of purpose. Discover the power of writing a love letter in today’s episode.


SEP Episode #70: Get crystal clear on your ideal customer with Conversion Copywriter Holly WIlliams

Being able to attract and serve the right audience is crucial to your success in business. But how do you get crystal clear on your ideal customer? In this week’s episode, I talk about the 3 traps that most entrepreneurs fall into. Then I invite my agency’s copywriter, Holly Williams, onto the show to give you 3 quick and easy ways to settle the “ideal client” mystery once and for all.


SEP Episode #68: Authentic Branding with Online Fitness Coach Nicole Spencer

Is it REALLY all about funnels and making a quick sale? Or can you use a different approach to building authentic branding that has a long-term strategy behind it?  Join guest Nicole Spencer, an online fitness coach, as she takes us through the authentic branding approach that had her celebrating 15k months just 6 months after she started her business.


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