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Today on the show we have Big Marv. Big Marv values freeing up the time of entrepreneurs, coaches, and business owners by creating what he calls “The Dual Funnel System.” “The Dual Funnel System is a series of automations, sequences, and SOPs that make doing a lot of what the hard work is of keeping a business up and going something smooth, effortless, and logical. The sales process, fulfillment, and retention of your customers are all really automated with him.

Today we are going to be breaking down some of his philosophy that has helped him develop his business, his processes, and his systems and allowed him to elevate himself from a guy that builds funnels to a premium authority in the market that people go to for help. We have got lots of great stories and very tactical insights, especially for those who are looking to grow from six figures to seven figures and beyond.

We discuss:

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