Story Roadmap Session with Beth Berry

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Today on the show we have Beth Berry. This is going to be a little bit different than my typical podcast interviews. This is actually a recording of a coaching session that I did with Beth Berry. Beth recently reached out after I was doing a flash sale on my Story Roadmap Sessions and booked a session to talk about the origin story for Revolution From Home. One of her offers in Revolution From Home is a year-long transformational program for mothers. We are going to get into a lot of the details of what that is and what that looks like. 

You are going to get to be a fly on the wall in me coaching Beth, asking her questions about her ideal clients, what her offer is like, and different moments in her life, and gathering information to then create a story that she can use. In about 20-30 minutes you are going to get to see how I go through this process of asking them all of these questions to create a powerful story and you will get to hear Beth’s story told through my words at the end of the episode.

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