Kyle Gray

SEP Episode #248: Creating Financial Freedom with Complex Trusts with Daniel Bishop

Today on the show we have Daniel Bishop. Daniel is an expert in many fields such as marketing, finance, and sales. In this interview today we are going to explore all of them but one of the core topics that Daniel is particularly excited about is making the most out of all the money that we bring in and not losing a lot of it to taxes or other inefficiencies.

The complex trusts that Daniel works with are an excellent tool to use to escape a lot of the common pitfalls that end up sucking away a lot of profit from a business and a lot of freedom from your life. So we are going to talk about Daniel’s process for using complex trusts to minimize things like taxes and maximize freedom in your business.

SEP Episode #247: The Art of Customer Driven Leadership with Daniel Hammond

Today on the show we have Daniel Hammond. Daniel has an incredible constellation of experiences, backgrounds, and interesting stories to tell. We are blessed with the opportunity to explore quite a few of those around the world and in very unexpected places and professions.

The main thing that we are going to be talking about today is operating systems for your business. How does your business operate as a whole? This is a really important system and culture and thing to install as you start to grow beyond being able to influence everybody directly and manage everybody directly in a small business. We are going to be talking about the counterintuitive nature that is customer-driven leadership as opposed to leader driven. The difference is in how you approach and solve problems in your business.

SEP Episode #246: Awakening the Rebel with Dr. Gigi Abel Samed

Today on the podcast we have Dr. Gigi Abel Samed. We have an incredible array of stories, insights, and wisdom to explore with her today. Starting with a story that she derived a deep meaning from a young age that has really shaped her life and her purpose and we get to see how that plays out in many different forms.

She spent a long time working in the health system and had many different personal struggles through that and is now on the verge of serving a brand new audience that she defines as the rebels and changemakers that we were ultimately here about at the end of this episode.

SEP Episode #245: The Secret to Making It Happen with Mike Malatesta

Today on the show we have Mike Malatesta. Mike is a high performance coach helping people unlock inspiration and creativity and has a podcast called How’d It Happen where he breaks down the magical turning points in many different entrepreneurs’ and creators’ lives. Mike is an excellent thought leader and has a lot of experience working with similar people to what I have done.

When I set out to have this interview. I wanted to talk to him about the many different things he uncovered in the How’d It Happen Podcast, and the things that he learned over the many different interviews. The actual interview took a very different turn and we both shared different perspectives on things like creating pattern breaks to open up new possibilities, connecting with the inner child and using that as a powerful source of energy in your business and your creativity, and many other topics that I feel are very high impact, especially for those whose who are really at the top of their game. This is a really fun-filled, unexpected, and magical episode that I am excited to share with you.

SEP Episode #244: 5 Steps to Sell a $100,000 Offer

Today we are going to be asking an important question. What is the difference between a $1,000 offer, a $10,000 offer, or a $100,000 offer? There is a skill that I see that separates an exceptional few with the ability to command high ticket prices for their services but really makes the difference between selling a $1,000 or $10,000, or $100,000 offer. The answer might surprise you.

It’s not the fanciest branding. It’s not the most prestigious certification. In fact, the most important part is simply to make the choice to start charging those prices while most constantly defer the idea of making offers like that to someday in the future. This is entirely an internal restriction that they put on themselves. Most give up before they even start but the one essential ingredient that this all boils down to is a choice. Today I am going to share five steps to make your first $100,000 offer.

SEP Episode #243: Measuring A Visionary’s Mindset with Justin Breen

Today on the show we have Justin Breen. Justin is a PR expert for visionaries and is a master connector of people. He has a very unique system that he uses to assess people and understand people very early on in the conversations which allows him to make very interesting and insightful decisions. You are going to notice right away that Justin is a very unique character. He has a unique point of view and he is very straightforward and honest in his thinking and he is very frank.

In this episode, he is going to break down that he is a specific type of entrepreneur using a score or a framework called the Kolbe Score. He alludes to me being a different archetype of an entrepreneur and several other entrepreneurs. He is going to go into detail about what the Kolbe Score is, how it applies to entrepreneurs, what makes a visionary, what defines a visionary, what are some of the biggest challenges that these entrepreneurs can face, and how he uses this knowledge of the Kolbe Score to make connections and fulfill his vision of leaving the world a better place by serving the very highest change makers. I hope you enjoy this very interesting and unique conversation with Justin.

SEP Episode #242: The Life Cycle of a Great Story

Today we are going to be talking about a really important aspect of great stories that many people don’t consider or think about when they first start telling stories or even after a very long time speaking and sharing their story.

Stories have a life cycle. They are like living creatures and have a certain life span. The same story at different points in your life and your journey may be too tender to share, a north star and inspiration for your business or it may be something that bores you. It happens to all creators and it happens to all the great stories they tell. A wise visionary with a powerful message can recognize these stages of their stories and use this to a great advantage. We are going to break down the three stages of a story’s life.

SEP Episode #241: Story Roadmap Session with Beth Berry

Today on the show we have Beth Berry. This is going to be a little bit different than my typical podcast interviews. This is actually a recording of a coaching session that I did with Beth Berry. Beth recently reached out after I was doing a flash sale on my Story Roadmap Sessions and booked a session to talk about the origin story for Revolution From Home. One of her offers in Revolution From Home is a year-long transformational program for mothers. We are going to get into a lot of the details of what that is and what that looks like.

You are going to get to be a fly on the wall in me coaching Beth, asking her questions about her ideal clients, what her offer is like, and different moments in her life, and gathering information to then create a story that she can use. In about 20-30 minutes you are going to get to see how I go through this process of asking them all of these questions to create a powerful story and you will get to hear Beth’s story told through my words at the end of the episode.

SEP Episode #240: The Deadly Mirage of Mastery

Today we are going to be talking about the deadly mirage of mastery. Many entrepreneurs and leaders have this mirage-like idea where they chase some sort of milestone that marks finally making it. A sense of mastery where we can feel completely aware and in control of everything that has made us successful to this point but this is a very deadly mirage to chase.

We live in a time where the pace of information and change is faster than we have ever experienced before and in an environment like this one of the two most valuable skills you can have is your capacity to adapt to the world around you and I will tell you a little bit more about the second layer. The “I’ve finally made it” mentality shuts both of these down.

SEP Episode #239: Discover Your Why in 8 Minutes with Gary Sanchez

Today on the show we have Gary Sanchez. Gary is the founder of the WHY Institute and has dedicated his career to understanding people’s why and what drives them. This is such an essential component of your messaging, marketing, and even of your reasoning for why you are doing what you are doing. When you can get in better touch with your why incredible things start to happen in your business.

So today we are going to learn about what your why is and what happens once you discover it and you are clear on it.