When Social Media and Journalism Collide And Collaborate With Amanda Jaeger

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On today’s episode, we have Amanda Jaeger. Amanda is a news anchor in Little Rock, Arkansas, and co-host of a TV show called Eat it Up.  Today we are going to be talking with Amanda about journalism and social media. Amanda is a well-established news anchor and a TikTok influencer. The attention, clout, and momentum from her social media channels are benefitting the news channel and her professional career. 

Using social media and sharing your own voice in the world of journalism can be a little bit controversial.  There are expectations that you should minimize your own voice and your own personality in order to allow the stories you are telling to come through more. One of my favorite things we discuss in this episode is actually how to choose the right controversy to really plant a flag in.  Understanding a good controversy can really draw a lot of attention to you, get people really resonating with you and your message if it is in just the right spot.  So we are going to talk about that and how she balances her career as a professional anchor, TV host, what she does on social media, and some of her strategies for how she has grown her audience on TikTok that you can start using in your business right away. 

We discuss:

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