Have you ever felt frustrated, like you’re the best kept secret in your industry?
Like you could make a much bigger impact if only your ideal clients understood how truly awesome you are? 

First of all, you’re not alone, it wasn’t too long ago that I was thinking the same thoughts. 

Second, you’re a lot closer to transforming that situation than you think.

You’ve got all the skills you need to help people…

… you just need to unlock the power of your own story to communicate why you’re different.

I know this because over the last few years I’ve been coaching hundreds of entrepreneurs, coaches and influencers just like you on how to share their story in a way that gets results.

Abracadabra kind of results!

Because the real magic is once you get clear on your story, it not only makes attracting customers much easier, but it shifts how you show up in the world as well. 

What if you could take a story from your life that was once a roadblock, and turn it into something you can share from a stage and that sets you apart from your competition? That’s what I call a million-dollar story.

You become more confident, energized and ready to take risks like a trapeze artist.

I want you to feel that energy too.

I’ve been putting together the best of what I’ve been learning and teaching over the last few years into a mind-blowing workshop I call: The Million Dollar Story Workshop.

In this 60-Minute Workshop You’ll Discover:

  • How to tell your story in a way that creates confidence in yourself and trust with your ideal clients.
  • A simple framework to create a powerful story, (even if you think you don’t have any good stories)
  • How to feel and speak with more confidence and better results on stage, podcasts, social media and sales calls.

Remember, this is the replay to our live WORKSHOP, But you’re also going to get access to a 90 minute follow up class with me! Happening on October 15, 2021.

Action Taker Bundle